This is where I intend to build a totally serious grammar reference for our contibutors. There are plenty of similar things out there, which could almost just as easily be used, but I felt it might be advantagous to have a reference that can grow to the needs of the community.

For the moment, because I have a million better things I really should be doing, I won't be focusing heavily on this aspect of the community. For instance I'm writing this all in English, because I can't be bothered to translate it. Also, for the moment I'll merely be linking to resources I've been finding helpful lately.


William Whitaker's Words - In my limited searching this is the best free Latin-English dictionary I have found. Works fast and to the best of my knowledge gives accurate definitions.


Honestly, I've mostly just been using Google.

Wikibooks:Latin - I haven't looked at this much, but it was featured and looks pretty stellar. I'll try to get a chance to read through it more at some point.