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(Heu eheu! Ignoscite mihi peccatori; pars enim huius paginae est lingua barbarica scripta! Propter autem naturam paginae sic esse debet. Ergo precamini, ne Iuppiter Optimus Maximus nos omnes in porcos mutet!)

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To translate poorly is to take a piece of text written in an original language and then to translate it word by word without taking any account of the structures of the other language. A good example of a poor translation is the mass of translation work done with Bible (and other religious texts). The result is almost as if a sublanguage, with its own vocabulary, coniunctions and ways to express cause and effect, relationships between things and so on. Artificial translators such as Google translator are another example of poor word-by-word translation, although a machine, having no human understanding of what might have been said and what might not have, makes even more strange mistakes.


Ut transferre pauperiter est ut sumere partem a textu scripto in originali lingua et tum ut transferre id verbum ad verbum sine sumendo quidquam rationem a structuris ab alia lingua. Bonum exemplum a paupere translatione est massa a translatione opere facta cum Bibliis (et alii religiosi textus). Exitus est paene sicut si sublingua cum eius proprio vocabulario, coniunctiones et viae ut exprimere causas et effectus, relationes inter res et sic supra. Artificiales translatores sicut Google translator sunt alium exemplum a paupere verbum ad verbum translatione, quamquam machina, habens nulla humana intellectio ab quid valet fuisse dictum et quid valet non fuisse, facit etiam plus insolitos errores.

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